Al di qua delle montagne

Al di qua delle montagne - balter

Al di qua delle montagne – Carmen Colombo
First Edition of 250 copies

Text in ita/eng 
96 pages 
Swiss binding

17 cm X 21 cm
Curated by Aminta Pierri and Tommaso Mori
Design by Grazia Dammacco

Published in september 2017, Grafiche dell’Artiere

“On this side of the Mountains.
This project is about places and people from Brianza, a geographical zone in northern Italy.

This area, known as suburb, is an industrial area made up of hundreds of scattered small villages. Here it is represented as a unique scenario, without the common appearance of a place of richness and wellbeing.

The big green spaces, alternating to the commercial ones, are highlighted by the typical a-temporal white sky and the people who live here become true “characters” of this area.

The Prealps delimit the area from the North: they’re like an invisible limit, a metaphor of an imaginary border”